Automation aquarium
In the aquarium it is necessary to constantly maintain favorable for content fish temperature, luminance, saturation of water with oxygen.
The balls do not fall out
In the distributor ignition type 30.3706 (-01 or -02) with the vacuum-proof-reader, used in cars, eventually fails the ball bearing.

Analog Flip-Flop

21.03.2016 | Lighting
Analog Flip-Flop
Here the analog flip-flop circuit which built based on 2 transistors work as switch. This is very easy made and...
View television family
"The taste and color - no friends". Watching TV in the family can cause strife. For simultaneous viewing of different...
BOF consoles audio channel from CCIR and back
In operation there are a lot of television receivers color image (TPCI), which are designed to work with audio amplifier...


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