The amplifier is a modification of my correcting amplifier for cable TV, and the presence of several different outputs with level control signal.

It can be used as an antenna amplifier meter waves (48-230 MHz) with the distribution of signal to multiple TVs. If the length of output wires are approximately equal, then postroechnykh level of R11, R12... can not be applied by connecting the bases of transistors VT4, VT5 directly with... the emitter VT3. The number of outputs can be increased by adding additional signal repeaters, and reducing the value of the resistance R10 is inversely proportional to the number of channels.

Frequency response of the amplifier is governed by the principle of "swing" and may be both linear and inverse frequency dependence attenuation in the cable.

Providing pre-correction levels of the channels on the frequency, one can obtain the equality on the output of a long distribution cable. A linear amplifier when the input levels do not exceed 19 mV, providing undistorted output signal level to 600 mV.

Antenna amplifier meter waves for multiple TVs

Author: E. shoustikov, UO5OHX ex RO5OWG; Publication:,

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