JA7RLW offers effective DX antenna, representing 2x3/4 wave Inv.V (Fig.1).

Effective DX antenna Effective DX antenna

With this arrangement, the leaf antenna, when the centers of the extreme half-wave sections located at the distance of half the wavelength, the sum of their radiation fields. Quarter-wave sections of leaf, located at the top of the antenna, the radiation pattern almost not affected.

Effective DX antenna

In Fig.2 shows the dimensions of the antenna for the average operating frequency of 29.2 MHz, and in Fig.3 - its frequency dependence of the CWS.

Effective DX antenna

Assessment JA7RLW and DX correspondents this antenna vertical polarization radiates under very small angles to the horizon and on long routes more efficient than conventional half-wave dipole at 2-3 points.

Author: JA7RLW; Publication: N. Bolshakov, rf.atnn.ru

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