The figure shows a triangular antenna, characterized by simplicity of construction and in the manufacture requiring a minimum of material. This antenna characteristics is equivalent to a single round or square framework antenna with a perimeter equal to L. In comparison with a horizontal half-wave of the triangular dipole antenna has a gain of 0.5 dB and provides the best suppression of lateral radiation.

Triangular antenna

The input impedance of the antenna is 140 Ohms. When using symmetrical two-wire line antenna provides good noise immunity of admission. To work on different bands can be used multiple triangular antennas, placed one inside another.

In addition, on the basis of such antennas can be created by multiple systems (W6DL, for example, uses up a triangular antenna 28; 21, and 14 MHz and dual-element - 7 MHz).


  • QST, 1968, No. 4
  • Publication: N. Bolshakov,

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