Once again upgraded multi-band vertical antenna UW4HW (see "Radio", 1981, No. 9) has four exponential counterweight length of 5.1 m, the axes of which form a mast angle of 120° (Fig. 1). Each counterweight is made of six wires with a diameter of 1.5...2 mm (Fig. 2). The wires at the ends of the counterweights twisted together, and the connections soldered them. In the middle part they are attached to wire sew-2 1.0 K spacer ring (outside) sports Hoop from dural tube diameter 18 mm Wire and a ring at points of contact between a pre-wrapped with three to four layers of PVC insulating tape. Hoops shall be at a distance of 1.6 m from the base of the emitter.

Modernization balances antenna

The lower ends through the insulator - glass fibre laminate plate dimensions mm HG - attached to the braces, which are tied to the roof of the house.

The input impedance of the fabricated antenna is about 75 Ohms, VSWR is maintained equal to 1.05... 1.2 at frequencies from 14 to 30 MHz.

In long distance relationships, the correspondents, the audibility when working on the antenna 2...3 points better than when you connect like w3dzz antenna, suspended at the same height.

Author: Y. Chernicinsky (UT5UB) Donetsk; Publication: www.cxem.net

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