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Miniature directional antenna on the band 144-146 MHz

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Miniature directional antenna on the band 144-146 MHz The commentary to article

Description of a new type of antenna in the range of 2 m was published in REF Radio" N 12/89 G. and N 1 /90 g. the Authors of this antenna - F6HLZ and FC1MZO believe that their design will revolutionize the shortwave world. The author's idea guards the French patent, but the authors have authorized the publication.

Fig. 1

Introducing four versions of this antenna will present a short performance and design features.

Version Of The N1. Form two equilateral triangle with sides size 250 mm. Triangles are arranged horizontally, one above the other, at a distance of 292 mm. adjustment of this distance affects the value of the CWS, and the achievable gain is equal to b dB.

Version N2. It is an improved antenna versions N1, to which is added the so-called "bat" (in Fig. 1 is marked and highlighted). In this case, the antenna gain comes to 8 dB.

Version N3. In the antenna versions N2 added two reflector. The gain is 12 dB.

Version N4. In the antenna versions N2 added three of the reflector. In this version, the gain is 18 dB. The ratio of the radiation forward/backward - 20 dB. Suppression of side lobes is 24 dB.

Fig. 2

Another evaluation of the efficiency of this antenna was made by comparing readings of the S-meter for the same source. When the antenna GP - S - 1, when the antenna F6HLZ (version 1) S - 3, (version 2) S - 4, (version 3) S - 4, (version 4) S - 5.

Fig. 3

In Fig. 1 shows antenna version # 4. For horizontal polarization is presented in Fig. 2. In Fig. 3 shows the connection of the cable to the antenna shown in Fig. 1. The supply cable 50 Ohms.


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  • Translated from Polish by S. Popovich (UC2LAQ); Publication: www.cxem.net

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