The original design of "Cycling" indoor multi-band magnetic loop antenna, which can be used as a spare or for use in conditions of high noise level with a predominance of the electric component of the electromagnetic field. Diagram of the antenna represented in Fig. 1, where C2 is connected to a variable capacitor when working at 80 m, and S1 - 160 m.

The magnetic antenna of the Bicycle rim...

Using only the variable capacitor antenna is configured on 40, 30 and 20 meters. D1 and D2 are the diameters of greater and lesser emitter loop antenna, and D3 is the diameter of the hinge connection.


In Fig.2 shows a perspective view of the antenna in Fig.3-5 design configuration node, in Fig.6 - loop connection, in Fig.7 - way loop fastening an emitter to a wooden rack.


Himself loop radiator is made from two cut rims from Bicycle wheels, which are interconnected via an insulating stand, and in electrical contact rims - through aluminum rack.



Note: Bicycle wheel "Tourist" has a diameter of 622 mm, and "Salute" - 535 mm.


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  • Publication: N. Bolshakov,

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