When working at low frequency ranges of the vertical antenna has several advantages. However, due to the large size it is not always possible to install. Lowering the height of the antenna leads to the fall of the radiation resistance and increase the losses.

Ham S. Gardner (K6DY/W0ZWK) applied the capacitive load on the antenna end type "Ground Plane" on the 7 MHz (see figure), which reduced its height to 8 m. the Load is a cylinder of wire mesh.

The antenna GROUND PLANE 7 Mgcm

As an artificial ground used a screen of wire mesh and eight radial wires.

It feeds the antenna 50 Ohm coaxial cable. The SWR of the antenna that is configured via the serial capacitor was equal to 1.4.

Compared to the previously used antenna type "Inverted V" this antenna was provided by the gain in volume from 1 to 3 points when working with DX.


  • QST, 1969 No. 1
  • Radio No. 11 of 1969, c.59.
  • Author: S. Gardner (K6DY/W0ZWK); Publication: www.cxem.net

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