A single mast (Fig. 1) posted two antennas, one for 10 and 80 m. the second on 15, 20, 40 m, each of which is powered by a separate cable. Cables can be run either from the two-wire overhead line wire from with a diameter of 2 mm with a distance of 100 - 150 mm, or from wire CAT. In the latter case, to reduce the length by the velocity factor of 0.82. On Fig.1 schematically shows the plumes from different material.

Antenna 5 bands Sloper

Length coaxial cables is not critical, but best results are obtained by using the cable or 13,65 27,30 m for 15, 20, 40 m and 27 m for 10 and 80 m. in spite of short-emitting part, on 80 meters this antenna better than VS1AA from 0.5 to 1 point.

Author: V. A. Fursenko (UA6CA); Publication: www.cxem.net

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