As an antenna УSW the receiver used the tailgate, see "Radio Amateur" 11/96, p. 37 The car body as an antenna. Who has not read, second part of the trunk is isolated from the body, when the cover is closed a gap between it and the body from the castle to the sheds in both sides. Bot it is the antenna. Runs a little worse pin set on the roof, but no........ (need to write) is not Spinneret. To set better Acheru, although you can at GHS at a certain skill, I recommend the band 100-108 MHz. The task is to to the amplifier to filter out superfluous. In the SAT channel amplifier is not needed, only adds noise.

Active antenna in the trunk

L1 and L2 are frameless, 6 coils on the mandrel 4mm wire of 0.5 mm. setting - stretching of turns. Chokes DM type.

Author: Margaret E. A.; Publication: N. Bolshakov,

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