Spin (spiral) antenna

The antenna is mounted horizontally and has a narrow focus. It is possible to construct a lattice of several spin off antennas.

The metal plate is a reflector antenna, not a counterweight, as it may seem at first glance.

A metal rod with a dielectric spacer attaches to the antenna mechanical strength. On satellite antennas this rod has a Directors and long spiral tenfold.

The antenna is designed for operation in the frequency range 814-960 MHz. It is easy to manufacture, has a very solid construction and, like all spiral antenna has a circular polarization wave.

Circular polarization provides better passage in urban areas. Apparently it fully shows the classical property of spin.

Is supplied with this antenna through a cable characteristic impedance of 75 Ohms.

Tuning the resonant frequency produced by compression or stretching of the turns of the antenna, and a strong deviation between the resonant frequency desired by shortening the length of the conductor.

All parameters of spiral antennas obtained experimentally.

The diameter of the spiral - 100mm;

Number of turns - 7,5

Winding pitch - 30mm

Author: Vasily Vasilenko, Yakutsk; Publication: www.inspector_v.chat.ru, www.cxem.net

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