The antenna is made in the form of a wideband linear split vibrator connected to the TV cable with wave resistance of 75 Ohm. With the antenna cable is connected through a quarter-wave balun loop.

The dimensions of the vibrator depending on the interval of received channels listed in the table. The standing wave ratio of the antenna is not worse than the 1.7. In this case the power loss at the reflection does not exceed 5%. If we assume the allowable 10% loss, you can make an antenna for reception on all channels of the UHF range that is allocated for television broadcasting. The vibrator is cut from a sheet of one-sided foil fiberglass with a thickness of 1.5...2 mm. If glass fiber bilateral, it is possible to remove the foil from the second side of the sheet, or cut it the exact same vibrator.

Simple UHF antenna

The cable is soldered to the antenna as standard, to one half of the vibrator braid, to another Central lived coaxial cable. When you connect to the antenna cable at a distance "b" from its end removed the outer ring of the shell width of about 5 mm. To open a metal braid is soldered wires with a diameter of 0.67 mm. the Other end of the wire connects to the center conductor of the cable.

Antenna is mounted on a stand, movable with when setting up, or is attached to a wall in a place corresponding to the maximum signal level. To adjust the antenna slightly changing the length of the bonding wire. Other settings are not required.


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