Zigzag wire antenna - a simple design of a broadband antenna. Operates at twice the frequency band and receives signals multiprogram telecentres in their area with any combination of channels 1 through 5 th or 6 th to 12 th.

Zigzag wire antenna

The design and dimensions of the antenna to the TV from the 1st but the 5th shown. To a wooden rack 1 attach the two cross rails 2. In the upper and lower parts of the rack install metal lath 3. The same strap 4, but using insulating spacers 5 are fixed on the ends of the rails. PA rack between Ripken stir the insulation plate 6, on which two metal reinforced strap 7. Wire diameter 2-3 mm antenna or the antenna wire soldered to the metal strips 3, 4 and 7. Cable with wave resistance of 75 Ohm fixed to the bottom plate 3, which is the point of zero potential. Cable is laid along the two sides of the inner actuator lower frame and soldered to the slats 7 (braid bar to the left, center conductor to the right).

The dimensions of the antenna for channels 6-12 can be calculated by dividing all dimensions indicated in the figure by a factor of 2.8 is equal to the ratio of the center frequencies of the channels from the 6 th to the 12 th (favg=202 MHz) and from 1st to 5th (favg=72 MHz).

The antenna gain of about 5 dB, IPM of 0.5-0.8. The radiation pattern in the horizontal plane symmetric type "eight". In the orientation of the plane of the framework is installed perpendicular to the direction of the telecentre. The horizontal polarization.

Publication: N. Bolshakov, rf.atnn.ru

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