For receiving MMDS television usually use the net of a parabola with gain (as required) 18-24 dB. Independently produce such an antenna, given that she has a different curvature in horizontal and vertical planes, is quite difficult. Therefore, in places where the intensity of the signal of TV MMDS good, it is possible to use the antenna easier to manufacture. The drawing of the antenna was obtained with the help of my program to recalculate the size of the antenna Spindler. For beam antenna I took the bar fiberglass HH mm (cut from sheet). All elements are made of 3 mm the capillary tube and boarded up in the yoke.

Traverse is longer than the calculated one, because I additionally put 6 more Directors, bringing the number to 30. The antenna gain in this case should be about 17.5 dB, which is almost at the lower of standard polynomials. Loop U-knee cable 75 Ohm 2 mm in diameter. The connection to the Converter did 50 Ohm silver plated cable in Teflon insulation 5 mm in diameter, because, after the transformation, the input impedance of the antenna closer to 50 ohms than 75! The antenna works well, but when you try to calculate its parameters in such a program MMANA I couldn't get the expected results. What is the reason and where is the error I haven't figured out.

About the program to recalculate the size of the antenna Spindler. She's under DOS. Given figure is the result of its work. The output from the program is provided only upon receipt of the drawing, according to Esc. I would have altered, but the source is not preserved. So describing this as a feature of the program.

Antenna Spindler for receiving MMDS television

Author: E. shoustikov, UO5OHX ex RO5OWG; Publication:,

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