Television series video card Video Wonder Pro II v 2 and the like containing, in addition to the TV tuner and УSW FM receiver completed with a simple indoor antenna. If you are using this antenna, then the described way it is possible to improve the reception of weak FM signals. The main source of radio interference, which is manifested in the form of increased noise level, is the computer itself, and the channel of penetration interference - unshielded two-wire cable single-ended connection to the card.

Improving the reception FM radio

Take two ferrite rings, with an inner diameter greater than the size of the connector of the antenna connection, skip through them line reduction by making 5-6 turns of line placing them evenly around the circumference of the rings. The one ring must be placed in a location of the split line on the vibrators, and the other as close to the plug connection. The magnetic permeability of the rings casting does not matter. I used 2000NM. As a result of improvements line reducing symmetries and interference with the reception of weak signals dramatically reduced, even when taken with the cover removed of the system unit. Can be limited and one-ring, lower.

By the way can, and who does not know that the FM receiver receives the signals from the 66 (!) to 108 MHz, i.e. Soviet + Japanese + FM bands.


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