The use and antenna arrays as the active element loop vibrator Pistohlkors opens up opportunities for trunk builders systems. This is due to some interesting features of the design. First, by its nature, the folded dipole is extremely broadband. It allows you to use it without rebuilding any of the applicable ranges (138-174 , 200-230, 300 to 360 or 400-490 MHz). Secondly, the vibrator Pistohlkors - closed loop, which is less susceptible to electrical noise origin. This is very important in industrial areas to ensure the jamming equipment.

The use of the loopback vibrators in trunk radio

The following feature - reliable lightning protection antenna. As in the center design is the node of the voltage loop can be fastened directly through metal spreader to the mast. The impedance of the loop dipole lies in the range of 240 to 300 Ohms and it is not difficult to transform into a known 50 Ohm ways.

Antenna arrays based on the loop dipoles are typically built on the principle of parallel addition of capacity collinear spaced active elements. The production of such antennas two years ago mastered the Moscow firm "radial". The loop constructs are vibrators, combined with the adders of the signal TK-52 and TC-54, respectively, in 2-or 4-x dipole design.

The active elements are made of lightweight duralumin tube with application argon welding and protected by a polymer coating from exposure acid rain and corrosive gases. The kit includes horizontal cross member, and a fixing unit that allows banking antenna to the pipe or beam with a diameter of 38 to 65 mm at any angle. Loop dipoles convenient to fix on the side of the mast or positioned radially around the perimeter of the mast, achieving a smooth, almost circular directional patterns. The same principle of fixing the basis and for directional antennas type "wave channel", produced by our company.

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