The appearance of mount antenna "double square" type "hedgehog" is shown in the figure. The basic structure consists of four five-meter pine slats 1-4. They are not interrupted in the center, and are tangent to the mast 5. Each rake consists of three identical segments with a diameter of 35 mm, connected back to back.

The antenna design Double square

The design of the node is augmented to the size of a square of twenty-meter range spruce (bamboo, walnut, etc.) rods with a length of about two meters, attached to the ends of the slats two clamps made of thin steel.

The entire Assembly is bonded with four steel corners 6 and two traverses 7 (an angle iron cross-section of 35 × 35 mm). The yoke is attached to the mast U-shaped studs to the corners 6 - bolts or welding.

Author: N. Smirnov (UA3VBA); Publication:

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