The Delta antenna is a variation of a loop antenna. This type of antenna is well established in the SW bands, and, in practice, they are very effective at УSW.

Connect the power cable with wave resistance of 75 or 50 Ohms is via g-matching device. Figure 1 shows the mechanical construction of one element of the antenna. Horizontal element l1 better be made of copper or aluminum wire with a diameter of 2.5..5 mm. Vertical elements l2 are made of tubes with a diameter of 10 mm or bimetal rod. The ends of these rods are inserted perpendicular to each other in the holes in the carrier traverse, which has a rectangular (h mm) or round cross-section. This design is rather hard and at the same time allows you to easily change the distance of the vertical elements in the antenna tuning.

The Delta antenna for 144 MHz
Design of a single element Delta antenna

Design a two-element Delta-antenna

Design of three-element Delta-antenna

Design five-Delta antenna

Even better results can be achieved using the double Delta antenna. Variant a three-element Delta-antenna shown in Fig.5. This antenna gives a gain of up to 10...11 dB. Singleton double Delta antenna has a gain of 3 to 4 dB. Two-element double-Delta antenna with the Director and reflector gives increased from 8 to 9 dB.

The design of the three element twin Delta antenna

Author: W. FAULHABER - Y28RL/Y38ZL, Translated from German by N. Bolshakova, RA3TOX; Publication: N. Bolshakov,

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