The described antenna is produced in Belgium under the name "BIG STAR".

The antenna is a system of vertical collinear with vibrators a circular radiation pattern in the horizontal plane.

Vertical antenna for 144 MHz
Fig. 1

The theoretical gain of the antenna - 6.5 dB relative to a half-wave vibrator. Experimental verification showed that at a distance of 100 km with the transition dipole on the described antenna gives a gain of 9 dB. The total height of the antenna - about 5 meters.

The electrical circuit of the antenna shown in Fig. 1, the design implementation in Fig. 2 - 6. The vibrator is made of duralumin pipes, broken Teflon insulators.

Adjusting the antenna is about moving the point of connection of the Central conductor of the cable to the inductance C to obtain resonance at the operating frequency.

This antenna was used when operating via the RS satellites and showed good results, especially in low location of the satellite above the horizon


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