The problem

...became apparent as soon as I removed the interior trim of the door in its antique Sierre. Narisovalas by this time the picture of graceful integration speakers inside surface of the door upholstery melted in mind as the morning mist. In other purified from the illusions of the atmosphere became evident that, the only place where could accommodate speaker without interrupting power window pretty busy important, judging by the details of the internal construction of the door.

In General: approximately 70 mm, which I would need to drown the speaker inside the door, in my rasporyajenii were a maximum of 10 mm - 15 concluded between the upholstery door and the inner panel. The rest would inevitably be hanging outside door scope.

The solution

....came when I read on the net some article where it was proposed to use a polymer impregnated with resin the fabric instead of the traditional American rocodile automotive putty where required to give housings required the elegance of the forms. I decided to go a bit further and make it in a homebrew composite the material functions of the structural elements, not just the external cosmetics.

Then things began to turn around.

First I made from thin cardboard three patterns:

Installing car speakers in the doors. Part 2 The first followed the contours of the protective grille dynamics The second was cut to shape and size of the site on the door trim where no interference could accommodate future design Finally, the third was some surround replica dynamics in full size to check "cross" dynamics in the intended volume.

The first two templates from a solid 6 mm plywood were cut front and the rear panel of future buildings, and then using a wooden inserts and hot glue (Glue gun) gathered here in such skeletons. Different length inserts provided required (by design) the angle of inclination of the axes of the loudspeakers in a vertical and horizontal planes. Two constructions, naturally, were mirrored by relation to each other.

Using the third pattern in all phases was verified that the magnet will not be to perform below basic (lower) panel is greater than allowed.

When everything was falling into place, began the build-up of skin on complete bones. The feedstock for this rpoduct high technology became knit shirt, rejected on the grounds of wear and lifetime of someone from home. Pieces of cloth were stretched on krakusy and fixed on the lower side buttons.


Natyanuvshimisya fabric takes the shape of the surface of smallest area, the greater part - a double curvature, which in the future will increase the stiffness of the shell. By the way, that, so to speak, was Sitchin merry, helped to follow a uniform tension of the fabric. Material quite elastic. So with some luck folds can to avoid that. In this case one, cherished, could not be avoided, but there are no problems - she was one easy motion plastered at later stages.

Then, as expected, the fabric was impregnated with epoxy resin (regular glue EAF, sold everywhere). To impregnate better inside then on becomes visible on the outer surface of the resin will be clear that the fabric is soaked completely. To impregnate have everything except the surface over the hole for the speaker (there still then need to cut a hole), but definitely grabbing the edge, where the fabric rests on a plywood frame - then the whole thing will merge into one monolithic design.

When everything is saturated, the resulting masterpieces need to be postponed until full curing resin (in real life - until the next evening). The next day, came home from (presumably, You have it, otherwise the acoustics in the front the car is not the main idea of Your problem. However, we digress.) You will discover quite a hard shell. However, it is desirable to have the resin again and increase poverhnosti from the inner side, so as not to spoil the perfect form one or two layers of fiberglass. After that happens, from the point of view stiffness - shaped battleship.

It is clear further: putty, hides and paint. The case is simple, and most importantly - pleasant, due to the clarity of the results. Immediately prior to installation buildings on the upholstery in the past have coreset hole so that the inner the volume of the buildings freely communicating with the inner space of the door. The plane of junction of the body-padding is sealed with what God has sent and the result for the speakers is generated acoustic environment, the corresponding model "endless screen" (infinite baffle) that the existing the market 5-6 inch heads and required. The result on Your screen.

Who is familiar with Sierrae ancient years will notice that pocket door trim had to shorten commercials 150 millimeters by cutting a piece in the middle and welded ostavshiesa two parts of the common soldering iron.


The described invention was carried out in the spring of 1996. Then, approximately, resident solar Finland on behalf of Juha, Touminen pored over the new installation in your Ford Thunderbird. Because it pretty regularly shared their successes with the inhabitants of hyperspace, I found that he enjoyed about the same technology, but as a textile base took ladies ' tights (probably San Pelegrino strong as true feelings), and fiberglass were then stacked outside what is technologically easier, but requires more labour-intensive finishing subsequently.

Author: Andrew Elyutin; Publication:,

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