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The goal was simple - to preserve the design of the doors and the volume of the pockets. Then I saw in the magazine "car Audio" article about the installation of acoustics in the BMW E46, which occupied one of the first places on the competitions. The design I liked and I wanted to depict something similar (Figl us, beautiful women will think "M-Style" with a budget of 10 pieces, we also not bast soup both eating).


I remembered that years 15-18 ago I was model airplanes and decided to go the thorny road construction podiums made of composite material, in other words made of fiberglass. Fiberglass models do generally two ways - by Wycliffe pre-made from the same fiberglass form (that is, first do layout, paste over it with fiberglass, then the layout is removed and the product Vilayat on the inner surface of the form) or just obkleila a kernel. The first method - more correct and only if we are engaged in serial production exactly the same products, the second is much easier. I went through the second (plant podium for Fiat Tipo I will reveal later). And that's how I was:

Long road in the dunes

  • Materials
  • Fiberglass - bought in the construction market (cheap but hard to find and the quality is so-so) or shop for model aircraft (Volokolamsk highway, D. 60) - more expensive, but higher quality and have a choice. I recommend two fiberglass species - 0.25 and 0.06. 0.25 is used to power elements, it is difficult to impregnate, but the strength of the resulting composite is beyond praise. 0.06 used in places where 0.25 is borne with difficulty or not lies at all (corners, kinks, and so on). Also, if you will paint the podiums (it is fashionable today), 0.06 mandatory as a final, outer layer - it gives a smooth surface. For the catwalks the type of those what I did - the meter of both types is more than enough.
  • Carbon fiber(placenta LOOP-0.1) - optional, but very, very it is desirable. Gives the design a bit of stiffness that makes it resistant to breaking legs and other organs of the musculoskeletal system primates. Buy meter for 35r on both the catwalk and you will not regret it. In the same shop for model aircraft.
  • The epoxy. Well, it's understandable. Packing three 280gr. In any economic store or market.
  • Foam type Makrofleks or similar. One bottle (750ml). On any construction market.
  • Pieces of foam - I used the packaging from the head unit The Clarion.
  • Polyester putty with fiberglass. Banks in 200gr. quite enough. Where to buy - most shops for motorists, automobile chemistry etc It is a lot different, I highly recommend the Polish Novol, cheaper and better vaunted American Bondo. Easier handled, placed and easier so on. I bought Novol in the auto parts store near 1000 Details on Leninsky Prospekt Gagarina square).
  • Vinyl or other finishing material. Well, it's the taste. It is necessary to choose on the thickness and ductility, the more complex the shape, the more expensive it will be necessary to buy vinyl. If crush toad to buy car vinyl, selecting conventional finishing make sure that he stretches out on both axes (knitted the lining). I used vinyl DLS. Best choice, but the money is fair.
  • Tools
  • The main tool is the so-called razor knife, a knife with a retractable blade area. It can be seen in one of the photos. I used two of these - one wide for most works, Stanley and narrow from stationery set. Buy Stanley or another brand - Chinese crafts 5P for the thing break down at times. I highly recommend to find one which the blade there's never out of the plastic casing and metal clips plastic handle (my Stanley exactly like this) and with a screw the locking mechanism.
  • Rubber gloves for working with epoxy. Any hardware store. Medical gloves are better, but often torn - buy right packaging.
  • Spatula(and). It is desirable to have some soft rubber to filler, smoothing fiberglass, etc., narrow metal (width of about 5-7 centimeters), and a set of credit cards used. Credit cards - most popular option spatula, stock up on several. Spatulas are the construction market, credit cards - as well who, who in the savings Bank, and who is in Chase Manhattan. I used card SBS-agro (and what they can now use?) and a large number of phone cards. What better not you know, Visa Gold guys are better (and no worse) Visa Electron card and France Telecom is quite similar to the cards MGTS (because we know how to do the best Western samples whenever you want). The main thing - the more, to discard was not sorry.
  • Sandpaper of varying degrees of Magdacesti. The most running rough. If you will be covered with vinyl or something else, it was she needed. Plus the bar for her, I used just loose parquet.
  • Adhesive for vinyl. I used V&S Spray Adhesive 185, $10 the balloon. For vinyl it is not very recommended, say (and Yes it is written), there is a special glue, but I was too lazy to look.
  • SuperGlue in the parlance of lancrin, in medicine, MK-8, sold by each corner in the form of miniature tubes. Need to picklemania the same vinyl, since the adhesive 185 is something like the Moment in aerosol packaging and stretches. For the rigid fixation of the edges is better to use SuperGlue.
  • Construction/industrial dryer or Thermopylae. Different from the wife's Hairdryer the fact that it can be light :-) Need for laying vinyl.
  • Now the process in photos

    Here is materials. Golden is Kevlar, Russian CBM. I in the catwalks not used. Now go to the box for the subwoofer. White the fabric is fiberglass, and the black tape is the same LOOP-0.1. Beautiful, really? Installing car speakers in the doors. Part 1 Take pocket doors, a model of the dynamics of cardboard, and set ring set dynamics. Apply this to each other to obtain the desired relative position. Cardboard layout use for evidence that the speaker will fit where necessary. I made some cardboard templates to facilitate orientation in space. Use some glue (PVA for example), and screws pieces of foam to secure the structure. Drag in the car, affixed to the door and make sure the pivot angles of the speakers exactly such as we wanted. Proberaum a ruler reference point (subsequently to restore the position of the setting ring about pocket) - we must have a second runway, it is desirable to make it close in form to the first. Cut a hole in the pocket under the speaker and make sure when help cardboard template that everything is in order. This is a picture from the second the podium, so the back of the template is already there, the eye evolved. It's attached to the door trim. Fill the hell with the makrofleks. Makrofleks reluctantly solidifies in large volume, so it is advisable to fill in several techniques, mixing layers by a couple centimeters. Pathetic. Cut with a knife resulting workpiece and work sandpaper. This is the same, but bigger. Please note that the installation the ring dynamics is taken out, I pasted it later, after formed durable composite shell and everything was ready for pasting the vinyl. To make it easier to take out, I put the ring road Polish production of the GDR (was a country, say) - simply put, wax polishes. And then he kicked the knife and neatly extracted. Make sure the "pravilnoy doggay go, tovagischi!" Now cut the fiberglass strips on for about 5 inches wide, dilute with epoxy and forth.The strips before laying need to try on a dry place, to estimate the length and location. Then soak the strips with epoxy (putting on a hard flat surface with effort to smear the epoxy as long as the fiberglass will not transparent), to lubricate the epoxy makrofleks and apply with a small cresting. The first layer should be put rough fiberglass and allow to solidify. After curing, sanding, otherwise all the ridges and nodules will only to intensify. Continue to put the second and third layer of thin fiberglass, alternating a layer of strips from plenty. Placenta should lie along, as if forming a sidewall around the speaker. Layers of fiberglass should be put under angle to each other. A kind of intermediate stage fitting. Black stripe top this placenta. To strengthen her in the first place, those places where all to reach the hind limbs of primates. After obtaining the desired rigidity, hides and shpaklyuem. Jar above is the same Novol. Again hides and again shpaklyuem. And so as long until you get bored or until you reach the desired result. Cut vinyl, cover the underside of the vinyl and the surface podium adhesive spray (grey-red balloon), allow to dry, take Thermopylae and stacked vinyl. Best to first practice on cats, obtenus for example ashtray (cool looks, by the way). If the surface most (I covered the entire pocket), it is better to glue gradually. We need to start with the convex part, not giving the vinyl much to warp. Not overheat vinyl and adhesive, it is better to keep the temperature low and to warm a little longer, otherwise the glue not stick, and vinyl loses its gloss. And here it is, the Golden key. Now all of the same hemorrhoids, for a second time. Podiums two. The second time will be easier.

    Author: Cyril Peppers, Autosound; Publication:,

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