Note: specialized "bass" disks in the little table, and they are not top the list, sorted in ascending order with the lowest frequency present in the record. First bass drive - in fourth place in the table, and the one that made the material for the SPL phonograms judicial IASCA disk - only on the 10. the fact that "espially" drives is usually not about the subwoofer, it is about something else.

The spectrum of the musical signal. Part 8

There is also one of the spectrogram espially tracks (second row) from the disk IASCA Competition.

During the first 20 seconds the lion's share of the energy is concentrated in the band of 40 - 80 Hz. And only in the next 20 C are added infranstructure components, if so configured bass acoustics. The other three SPL tracks (the first, third, and fourth) of such low frequencies is generally better not to look, and believe the word.

Special entry for SPL competition. At what frequencies mainly compete - visible to the naked eye.

The mosquito proboscis to suck the blood, the whale moustache to filter plankton, sharks are 12 rows of teeth to devour the fish. Evolution has adapted species to put them diet. Radio is not a product of nature or the Creator, they have to take care of us. The honorable task that put the designer on the same level with nature or the Creator. We in this publication aimed to provide the reader (if he is in some degree an audio designer) facts, not specific recipes, assuming it is a he not trust us. However, it is difficult to refrain from what is right in your hand. Here is a look: designing a subwoofer so that it will effectively reproduce frequencies above 30 Hz and below do not reproduce anything, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to appreciate the rich sound about three pieces of music from hundreds of thousands of records. But life for myself and the subwoofer lighten significantly.

Or other landmark. If we consider the real spectrum of a music signal, it will appear that in a multiband system, the level of the signal supplied to the Squeaker is the most vulnerable link of acoustics, from order separation filters depends stronger than anything else. This is a real reserve, if it is correct to use. However, the latter leads us into a conversation about the crossovers and what depends on them, and this conversation is private and difficult. Another time...


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