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Back to nature

So what, it just didn't sound frequencies, worthy of the name Abbasova? No, it happens. Just not quite where we were looking for. Before all, I suggest you to agree that, given the sound of realities, the subwoofer in the car, strictly speaking, is not "sub-", but simply "woofer", that is a subwoofer designed to complement the low frequency small front speakers. And the subwoofer in the true sense words - attribute home theater, where it has spawned tasks play sounds not music, and natural and man-made origin. Here's an example. "Normal summer rain" - or rather, normal summer storm, carefully recorded by Alan Parsons for Studio Telarc. Its range is below.

The spectrum of the musical signal. Part 7

The sound of a jet fighter flying head over and outgoing "towards the sea". Well that is not the bomber, and then the curve would be only one

Compared with the spectrum of the sound of this simple natural phenomenon possible music center in Dallas represented the limit delicacy.

Naturally, when within the framework of a masterpiece of cinema need show a clap of thunder, so much so that the viewer overwhelmed by it (if the creators of this masterpiece did not find other way to the soul of the viewer) will then have to play 20 Hz, and 10, and whatever they say. In the natural sound is there, the rest is a matter equipment. Speaking of technology. Here flies, for example, according to the Director, a military airplane. A jet. What sound it makes?

Look: while the plane over head, the noise dominates a high-frequency whistle. And when the danger has passed and you look expensive fighter in the critical section of the exhaust nozzle, appear serious infranstructure components.

On the background of a simple natural phenomenon opportunities music center in Dallas represented the limit delicacy.

The 1812 Overture with cannons and without. The party of artillery makes this record unique infrasound.

Sounds with such characteristics is a feature of nature and equipment. Therefore, they appear, as a rule, in the context of the video, that is beyond the typical car audio system. There are, however, few but striking exceptions. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in a rush inspiration and patriotism wrote into the score of the Overture of 1812" party for artillery. That is the reason why this work in full orchestration performed infrequently, ammunition within the budgets of most Symphony orchestras are not provided. But when the "Overture" is executed, the frequency appear noble. Here the spectrum of one of the best available recordings of this artworks. Half Lavrov rightly - Pyotr Ilyich and half Studio Telarc.

Until the eleventh minute range of instruments is large, vigorously playing, but still the usual Symphony orchestra, are also common. And when the 11th minute saragat cannon at the smoky gunpowder (according to the score, in P. I. smokeless), appears with a bit equal the amplitude of the additive to the spectrum of infra-low frequencies.

This work in full orchestration is executed infrequently, ammunition the cost estimates are not provided.

Not by chance a good recording of "Overture of 1812" are on the top of the list of most bass CDs made in your the acoustic laboratory of the University of Auckland. In the table on the back - first 10 positions in this list.

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  • Journal "Autosound" No. 11 / 2000
  • Author: Andrew Elyutin; Publication: www.avtozvuk.com, www.cxem.net

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