According to this scheme still produces a number of inexpensive devices: CD receiver TCH-77 (LG Electronics), radio Daewoo AKF-4087X, AKF-4237X, AKF-4377X, AKF-8017X, Prology KX-2000R, ARX-9751/52, "Ural" (model 206, 207, 208).

Power amplifiers models with different power channels made in a bridge circuit, and less powerful - normal. Beside the mentioned variant of bi-amp you can use traditional or mixed connection of the front head to a more powerful rear channels, and the rear speakers ("miking"), not requiring high power, connect the front channels according to the usual scheme or scheme of Heffler (differential signal). Function fader "front-rear" will be swapped, but this is easy to get used to. All of the above concerning the combined connection is still valid, only longer possible to adjust the ratio of capacities of the bands in the front channel.

Mixed connection to car audio acoustics amplifiers with different power

Similarly variants considered in this case as a combined scheme can include acoustics front speakers and a subwoofer fader this adjusts the signal level of the tweeters. Operating ranges of frequencies frontal heads and subwoofer must not overlap, so as not to overload the amplifier.

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