Now we are looking at the chip TDA1029 the production of small European companies Philips. This small European company has a small compartment for the production of small semiconductor devices. I was very surprised - it turned out that Philips produces something besides cell phones and other household rubbish. As they say some of our colleagues, representative office available on the Internet -

Above this chip is the selector signals for different amplifiers. 16-nog body fit 4 stereo inputs and 1 stereo output.
The main parameters are as follows: The voltage 6-23 In Supply current 3.5 mA Coeff. gain 1 Coeff. harmonics 0,01% The signal-to-noise 120 dB


Overall pretty good, isn't it? The chip offers you the following Goodies: a noiseless switching inputs, the output is protected against short circuit.

Watch scheme included:


The selector signals on TDA1029

In principle and comment on it is nothing special. On our left inputs on the right is the exit. Just to the right of the switch outputs. If not closed, none of the switches, then the signal is taken from the first input of the upper circuit. If one closes one of the switches, selector switches to the appropriate state. The switches can be of any type, through them does not pass the audio signal, so you can put everything that comes to mind is the good electronic switch - he has no contacts, which are oxidized or protesilaus. Very comfortable in all respects. Brazed and enjoy.

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