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Subwoofer features:

The level of sensitivity characteristic, not menee dB Rated. electric soprotivlenie Ohms Limit noise moshnosti W Limiting long-term moshnosti W

The dimensions of subwoofer enclosure - figure.

Subwoofer! Now all will be bigger

The body is made of chipboard with thickness of 1.5 cm, covered furniture lacquer layer 2, covered with black adhesive film. Speakers from the outside is installed protective mesh with the trim painted black.

The cost of the subwoofer

The manufacture of the body (the material Manufacturer) - 480 p., 2 speakers DN-1-4, bought an ad in the collection with speakers - 400 p., furniture lacquer 0.5 l - 32 R., adhesive tape h.M - 168 R.


When listening to music at volume close to the limit, the outside of the machine clearly audible, it was beating the following parts: the left rear door, the deflector on the roof, the janitor on the tailgate itself and the fifth door. Rings and also rear the registration mark. Due to the lack of explicit lifting at 60-100 Hz, as for "pancakes", the sound of the subwoofer does not attract the attention of others from a distance more than 20 m. Although whether the latter be considered a disadvantage?? :-)


Sabvufer mandatory in the car, if desired normal "bottom"! The tale that the pancakes, which is the free-air heads (i.e. not requiring confined space in the form of the body), may issue a normal bass is for those too lazy to mess with music.


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