The history of this dynamics, began long ago. To me Magnat Bull Power Reflex 301 fell from his hands, he stopped working. Giving it to me said that if I fix it, you can leave yourself, what actually happened. Here with it and rapidly began my passion for car audio. First I made a "random" under it vasointestinal case about 44 liters Visicom 95mm x 100mm and made it so that it fit in the trunk of the VAZ-21053 subject to the ledge under the rear shelf.

Of course, the case had a lot of sharp protrusions that affected the sound. He was insanely mumbled, but then I listened to nothing powerful in addition to Soviet AC-90 and I quietly enjoyed a decent bass in the car. Further Vasica did not, and I moved to Peugeot 605, respectively, the body had to be redone. It is here that I began to crawl across the Internet in search of information on housing production. Across a variety of programs for the calculation of the hulls, but I settled on only one or WinISD beta 0.44.

The subwoofer on the speaker Magnat

But there it was. I knew virtually nothing about the dynamics. Again, persistent searching the Internet right information led me to the article about self-measurement and calculation of parameters of the loudspeaker. Hard sledovat "instructions" for the measurement of the parameters I was faced with another problem, my tester does not merit the AC voltage is less than 1V, and there you have a sensitivity of 100mV. Already pretty tortured again I continued the search options on the Internet. Shoveled a few online stores, hoping to find there own, I suddenly realized that I had lost a lot of time! After all, should be the official site of savetosaveas! A short search led me to the right site. That's where I found the information I needed, but not all of what you wanted. The manufacturer has posted the following parameters: Fs=33hz Vas=82l Qts=0.52 and R=4Ohm SPL=92dB PE=300W.

However, with these settings, the program proposed to me in case 189,5 LITERS in vasointestinal the case, that makes me very not happy!!! However, I decided to experiment and collect the closed housing at 96.6 litres offered by the same program. After collecting body, I could barely put him in the trunk and hoped yourself pleasantly surprise sound... but no such luck! The sound of course was enjoyable, melodic, but, like, the amplifier is switched on less powerful.

Without hesitation, I decided to go back and calculate patinvert for this case. It turned out the following: frequency settings fazoinvertora 21hz, and the bass-reflex decided to make a rectangular 16cm x 3cm and length 26,2 cm, which was fine with me. It turned out that this case began to play much better and more enjoyable. But since my young years and we used to gather on the street to relax and listen to some music, I needed a good bass and outside when you open the trunk, then forced me to take another experimental case vasointestinal type by volume of 30 litres with the tuning frequency 25Hz. Played not very nice and not so vividly, when I put it to the back of the seat back. Decided to experiment with the position of Saba in the trunk and found that there is a big difference in the sound and pressure. The best place was in the corner near the rear lights and vasointestinal up. The sound I liked, but I felt that this is not what I need.

Here I have collected the following corpus of 54 liters and tuned it to the frequency of 48Hz. The material used chipboard 16mm, bought from the local market. Based on the size of the trunk, the body was of the following dimensions: length 77,8 cm width 25 cm, height of 36.5 cm Patinvert diameter of 9.5 cm and a length of 10 cm purchased Mytishchi on the radio market. The inside pasted 2mm insulation (nothing else I found in the garage, and buy the toad was choking, because a lot of insulation and was not sorry) and tightened by three struts.

Did not bother with the wrapping and alignment irregularities, because I made it for myself, and just painted it in black paint on wood. Placing it in the trunk, I was glad that everything turned out as it should, almost, finally I peeled off the insulation and everything fell into place. The bass was firm and did not pressure your ears and musical genres, almost all played nice, mostly Rap, and even on the street it was a pleasure to listen to him. I stopped (But intuitively guess that after purchasing a sensitive voltmeter I still change the design).

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