The subwoofer on the head MTX

Somehow got my hands on MTX speaker T6124, father worked abroad and bought it for only 4$. But, unfortunately, he has been burnt. So he had lain idle for approximately a year and finally I decided to rewind. Previously had to deal with this work, Motala DN-1-4. I think I came up with. I decided to try on that MTX is capable of.

Was first made a box with a volume of 35 litres. Honestly the sound even in that box really struck me, sub to DN such could not do. Climb on the Internet I found some information on this speaker. It was a test of auto sound magazine. According to their measurements are a good option was F 60 litres.

Decided to try it. At hand was a 16mm chipboard, this material was made from the body. In each of his joints - rail him, plus reinforced rear wall two rails across the length and girth that connected the side walls him. Volume of about 65 liters. The bass-reflex tuned to the frequency of 35Hz.

All connections are well spun screws and planted with PVA glue. And also coated with silicone sealant. Inside the box covered with polyurethane foam with thickness of 20mm. Also the inside of the case was put loosened wool. The exact number can't tell her the number was set experimentally.

The top sub is plastered with black cloth, except the front wall, it is a grayish-blue color.

Ready subwoofer in my opinion came out pretty good, as the sound and appearance. Already the first audition showed that 65 liters is not 35. The bass was powerful and deep. Any music played on it "seriously". And all this for 4$, funny huh?

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