Long in the corner gathering dust domestic AC electronics 015 based on 75 HDH-1-4 and it disturbed (throw a pity). And the subwoofer in the car was not, however, then I leaned on getting decent sound from one "head". Well, it so happened (in may) that "1" as an estimate for the subwoofer I was annoying, and then in corner speakers.

To June was born the concept: Closed Box with the Isobaric speaker is enabled with separate supply (each amplifier channel). The amplifier was chosen CRUNCH POWER ONE X2100 (H Watt into 4 ohms) for the filters (12 dB/octave, the cutoff frequency is adjustable 40 -150 Hz, and bassboost there, but to use it in the future accounted for).

Stages "great way" reflected on the pictures:

The subwoofer from scrap materials

1) Determination of parameters. Results were obtained by recalculation ready designs AC

2) Calculated a variant design (Custom);one of these was chosen for his "insensitivity" to the speaker settings. When you change the settings +/-50% frequency response in the cabin remained in the "within reason".

3) On the chart (red line) for the parameters TS 35, 0.5, 80, and crimson for the estimated parameters. Recovery response of the salon accepted 12 dB/octave with 70 Hz. The same parameters are listed in some directories unreal, so as to these speakers, you cannot do anything like the P-90 and 35 ° C-1.

4) It depicts a box cut in profile. The front is almost a square of side 37 see In the car this thing was installed close to the back of the sofa by the speaker in the back door.

Several words on a sealed volume between the speakers, then the Torah. Four bar him the same height (~11 cm) is fixed at the front shield and screws the glue. From inside the box on the bars is mounted a rectangular plate (or ring) the thickness of 15-20 mm with hole for installation of internal dynamics. Further, from thick paper (cardboard) is a cylinder, which is glued on the inner circumference of the locating holes for the speakers on the front panel and on the ring forming the inner surface of the torus. With the outer side of the section between bars are filled with foam, which upon drying is cut at the outer the surface of the torus. When the foam has dried impregnated cardboard ring moisture resistant composition, I used the spray-ANTICOR. The cable to the external speaker is routed through the hole in the wall of the Torah, which incorporates the same the foam.

Publication: www.cxem.net

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