The scheme is quite easy to assemble, does not require setting, collected on cheap parts that can be bought in any radioshop, or to dig in old electronic equipment. The amplifier is assembled on a chip TDA1557Q, can be replaced by TDA1558. Chip ordered on the Internet. Came in 2 days and immediately began to assemble the device.

A simple amplifier on the chip TDA1557Q (TDA1558)
The ULF is designed for 2 Ohm loads, but works fine on the 4 Ohm assurance with 40 watts per channel. On 4 Ohm speakers power will be about 25 watts. To get 40 watts, you need to connect to the amplifier by two pairs of 4 Ohm speaker = 2 Ohm. In the car a lot of speakers, so the total capacity will be about 80 watts. It feeds the amplifier circuit 16 volts maximum current consumption at rest = 110 - 180 mA. All soldered correctly works. Never confuse a plus and a minus, otherwise the chip will burn immediately. Install it on the radiator, it should be the more - the better. Here is soldered scheme:

There is also a printed circuit Board. [attachment=3] I did not work out very well, but the amp is really working. The photo of the PCB:
Bought 2 chips, one half to his friends. The body was taken from the old speakers, the speaker outputs from the rear panel.

Works unch through a transformer 12 V. Now worth about computer - very pleased with the work. Even better would be to login to add your e-tonestack.

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