Replacement foam rubber suspension

Step 1. Inspect the speaker on all sides there are any mistakes

The manual repair speakers DN

Step 2. Carefully unsolder the wires

Step 3. At the beginning of the wetted the attachment of corrugated ring to the basket solvent. I used acetone production Ashim. The acetone was very good - without any additives. As it turned out, some manufacturers add water for weight, and it is in the repair speakers are not very valid.

Step 4. Further long and carefully remove the remnants of foam from the details of Dean.

Step 5. After many years, the foam has turned into a glue-like consistency, scrape with a paper diffuser should very carefully without damaging the Foundation.

Step 6. Well cleaned and ready for gluing parts. It is very important to monitor the cleanliness of the gap of the magnet and the core, it is recommended to seal at the time of repair tape or at worst tape.

Step 7. Here is the very acetone. Attention! Work with acetone should be done with gloves and in a well ventilated area! Keep out of reach of children! Very poisonous!

Step 8. The parts are glued together with glue the moment, the one in the big tubes must! The bonding is performed in the following order. First glue the rubber suspension to the diffuser. Further, the diffuser is centered in the basket with a few pieces of old photo film and glued. To ensure that the conductors protruding from the cone coincides with the terminals on the basket.

Step 9. Feature bonding moment: apply a thin layer of time on the surfaces, pre-obediniv, can be the same solvent, to leave for a minute and pushed. Crucial has a strength, not the duration of compression. In our case, turned the speaker on a laminate floor and stepped on it with their weight. If your weight is not enough, you can ask a fat friend to help you.

Step 10. Leave to dry for a day.

Step 11. Now we have to check Dean for the presence of manufacturing defects. Signal sine simple program type

Step 12. Put Dean in his place and enjoy the sound. This beauty is still at 35 ° C-16 "Orbit"

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Author: Astashkin, R. M., Saransk; Publication:

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