Listening to music on my 35 ° C-1, every day I was more and more tired of their sound. I have long heard about finalizing the speaker, but for some reason have never really paid attention to it. But then still decided to try. Climb on the Internet, I found a lot of information about the modifications 35 ° C-212 (S-90) and 35 ° C-1, and I got down to business.

Alteration of the acoustic system 35 ° C-1

1. Case

First I took apart the speaker system. Unscrewed the front panel, dynamic head, pulled wool, removed the filter and the phase inverter.

Then reinforced rear wall of the box by installing two Reiki through the body thickness and a width of 20 mm and a spacer (see photo), closed holes on the front panel where the glass from the mid-head, high-frequency head and switches. I scored a 10 mm thick plywood glue. In place of glass cut new holes for the midrange and tweeters. (see Photo). The midrange put a plastic Cup (like S-90), but it is usually best to put the wood. Inside all the walls plastered with foam tulsiram (felt not found) you just need to route the wires to the tweeters and midrange heads (I didn't do this, hastened). The phase inverter is shortened by 10cm setting to another frequency (less than chant) and also pasted on top of it with foam. The box was covered with black cloth.

2. Filter

I began with what threw switches timbre and unnecessary resistors, this may require the scheme (on the Internet it is not hard to find) .After that all parts of the filter moved to the wooden plank of plywood 8mm Coil inductance is not recommended to prevaricate, you need to take on the glue. Resolder all the connecting wires of the filter on the audio cable (even the cheapest) Wires that lead to the heads soldered directly to the filter and not through each other. On nizkochastotnik thick wire not less than 2 mm 2, the midrange is not thinner than 1.5 mm2 and 1 mm2 on the high-frequency head (pictured wires on MF and HF thin, I wanted to try and put what was later replaced).

The filter is spun on the bottom wall AC.

3. Wool

One sausage which I took with AC I sewed a square shape pillow and threw it on top of the column. Another made a small pillow (approximately 0.5 sausages) and put it on the bottom on top of the filter.

4. MF

Srednesutochnye I was not at all. Put HD-34 only accomplished it (gluing a cap of a tennis ball, an article about this revision also found in the net), and closed the Windows in DiffuseMaterial head of foam. The glass from the inner side pasted with felt and filled it with cotton wool.

5. The final part

Soldered dynamic heads while maintaining the polarity of the inclusion. Dynamic heads priverteli using rubber gaskets. Turned the music on and started to enjoy quite a different sound. I myself do not believe that my 35 ° C-1 can play.

P.S. Suggest that you remake the first one to AC, so you can compare the sound of both speakers. If you have any questions or advice please write!

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