Chip stereo amplifier, audio frequency TDA2005 can be used in a bridge circuit as the amp with twice the power output. Both halves of the DC amplifier have the same schema. In this scheme, the output signal "lower" part through a divider (R4, R5), R3 "sets in motion" the upper part.

Bridge circuit on TDA2005

Since R3=R5 and R2=2R4, strengthening scheme Ku=4R4/R5. Since the minimum load impedance of each half of the amplifier is 2 Ohm, in the diagonal of the bridge (between the output points can be set on the onset speaker at 4 Ohms. Therefore, when the voltage (U1) for example 16B maximum output power will be 18-20 watts. As you can see, there is no need in the output capacitors of large capacity: in both output points are well coordinated, identical voltage, and therefore, the potential difference between the terminals of the loudspeaker at rest minimum.

Hobby Elektronika, No 7,1996. Translated By A. Wolski.

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