System in semi-finished the form looks like this:

Quality automotive sound system. Part 2

  • Source - СDP Alpine 7842 (in the usual place) + 6-disc shop Alpine CHA614 (back on Board vertically)

  • The mockery of the signal Equalizer Audiocontrol EQL (on the front wall Saba, available from the driver's seat if you throw the right seat)+ crossover Audiocontrol 24XS (rear the wall Saba under the mask intensifying agriculture)

  • Amplification - 6-kanalni PPI Powerclass 6600, 2 channels tweeters, 2 on MF, 2 bridge on the sub. Stands on the rear wall of Saba. In amputation rear settee taken just 30 cm the depth of the cabin, the trunk lengthened twice! Beauty (rear view).

  • Acoustics - Focal 136NX (in 5N3201 bukanlah + TN46 on the racks), included independent amplification, and immediately behind the front seats - Focal sub 33S in a closed box.

Now try to justify the choice. As for head - the choice was conditioned on the one hand, good reviews the sound of Alpino, the convenience the location of the main buttons (more precisely, the whirlings-encoder). Here for example, the Denon or new Pioneers I would also arranged, but they the main buttons on the right, stretch far, the lever prevents. So many decent model anymore. Nakamichi like all good, but heard a lot of complaints about reliability and noise. Amplifier - what just a good amplifier, the whole shiny chrome. Cm. above is the link about beauty. The equalizer is inevitable, primarily for bass in the Field none sub linearly't play, salon small but siphon out, because very to the court were half-octave band AudioControl'. Crossover needed for implementation amplifying of MF-HF.

The power unit

Under the hood of a yellow rose Optima. Wiring is made two-wire circuit (plus and earth), wire 36 and 50 sq mm Hood fuse - dual, one the section on head unit, on the other everything else.

Placing Saba instead rear seats - long leleyamogo dream. It came true! Here it is, the box indiscreet size.

With the seats folded (under the right seat EQ)

And in the normal position.

- what glitters - amplifier.

It's closer. Top under glass - local fuse box.

Front tragicomedy

It was immediately clear that in Nevskih the door post decent midbass (from the point view MF) is extremely difficult. The doors-the short, landing high. In the lower front corner - all closes the seat and legs, above - mechanism window lifter, upper front - in principle, it is possible place 4-5" speaker, but with great extension, as literally in three inches of iron - walks glass (door bespartochni). On photos in the bare metal is visible a rectangular cut-out on the lifter is the most place.

Therefore, kickpanel. A quick overview of what we have in stock (see photo) had shown that in the presence of a powerful box-beams, crossing the plane of kickpanel (hence, the acoustics must be located BELOW this bar. For him, parallel to the external sides - a continuous sheet of metal. Therefore, make free arnou of kickpanel, ventilating the inside of the splash guard, it is impossible. Well, you can cut this sheet, but judge for yourself which wreath problems related to this. To do a sealed box (or PHI for the resistant). And the volume is there - enough to swear. I have had a total of 2.5 liters of pure (4 but you can cheat if to avoid my mistakes.

Depending on the volumes, the choice the front of acoustics came by itself a. Focal 136nx - only vocalista model able play midbass from this volume (recommended GIA 3.8 liter, PHI 7 liters). Unfortunately, charged with production. When this resonant frequency - 45Hz (this is for 13 cm does not little!), now in the box - about 90-110. And of course, indestructible Squeaker TN46.

The primary fitting speakers (wrapped in rags baskets that crushing wave from the back side of the diffuser) showed (1) the optimal rotation angle about a vertical the plane of the Board - about 10 degrees up and 10 degrees backward (to himself). Large angles are screwing up picture, and place for departure speaker no. Yet it turned out when the fitting is extremely important use the exact dynamics, what will we put on, and with the same crossovers. Because focus on "medium" and midrange upper midrange is uneven. The difference in the voices of the speakers will lead to adjustment based on from different parts of the spectrum.

Unfortunately, nice service in Butovo The "crossroads" safely lost that samyu film processes making kicks. Maybe it's for best, because in hindsight you see, the process was initially incorrect. I took the staffing panel (which is stamped on the Field of thin ABS plastic), and in the lower half of the compartment from it all unnecessary except for the edges adjacent to the threshold and the door frame. Nevsky kickpanel, unlike typical the automobile, not only closes itself the Board of the arch and wheel, and the space in front of the legs, and (with right side) battery box.

Then cut out from plywood 10 mm rear wall of the box, repeating the shape of the bead under the body, with the protruding strip-amplifier along the doorframe. Clamped directly in place of the clamps and glued (porridge with epoxy and cloth) truncated kickpanel. Then from chicken wire cut foam the layout of the actual box (later it will dissolve acetone) and 16 mm plywood under the ring speaker (and not dissolve). And all it stuck sandwich fiberglass-lots of layers plenty-fiberglass. At one time ready shell 3 mm thick, as in the zone box, and other the surface of kickpanel. Top put another layer of fiberglass (Tolstoy). External wall finish. Then inside vykleili remaining the joints between the following poster muzzle - ready.

Then (here, misses) proved that it is ready the product sits on the ground not otherwise as with a large gap. Well, okay, invisible from the outside as between iron and box - gasket Dilijan. But this means that as at least a litre net volume with each side I lost.

Discovered that shell out very clear. Primary jamming spent dinamita and paste of epoxy, sawdust and lead shot. About three kilos of a fraction to the side.


Been a long month... finally fell into place and Bubuka the amplifier and it has become possible shamanism with the scene. In chronological order:

1. 23.09.99 first reamed out change-over switch. Crossover at 3000 (4 the order is active). First the impression of a scene from midbass no, it is narrow and vague. Put the tweeters on the rack - no matter how twisted, scene (left seat) tied to the left. Put in kickpanel (far corner) - became better. Break resonances at MF (insufficient drowned out the box?).

2. 26.09.99 - moved tweeters closer to the flange of mid bass. Tonal balance, the fusion of vocals - good. Resonances (the dirt on focale and trumpet). Scene extremely mediocre.

3. 29.09.99 - GR and came all criticized. Tweeters moved at the angle the torpedo-stand, focused on the head the opposite of slushatelja. Accordingly weakened the level The RF. Revealed that right - all centered as the doctor ordered, but Rebecca walks. On the left - about the same as before. Well, a little better. At the same time set the Phaser on Midrange-tweeter crossover (in the position "the middle" on HF).

4. 01.10.99 - GR, taped inside boxes carpet, rear side added Dynamat, and stuffed synthetic padding. Not rang.

5. 02.10.99 - came Genn and all criticized. Raised tweeters on 1/2 of the height of the rack. Again poluchila! but Rebecca spree more than before. I put your vest on visor devices and here it is - everything fell into place. Rang, bad. Therefore, need something deaf to paste it and the top torpedoes. So it in the end all took shape:

6. 15.10.99 - came Dostoevsky and called it "hooligan system but with the makings". Better would Deposit ME, and then forgot.

7. 16.10.99 - come on Bljuzmobil and for a couple of hours privatized echometer. Yeah... it took a radical correction of mid bass-bass (upgrade to 6 dB from 150 to 50 Hz, then flat. In the region of 500...1000 Hz - two peaks in the background total blockage. In region 2..3 kHz (frequency partition) fail. Above 6 kHz - blockage (and I thought I "Zvonko" turned out...). The setting was conducted in five stages:

a) attended by individually, the frequency response of each band. In tears. The ugly - the failure MF 300..500 Hz, then the peak at 600 Hz, the failure and the peak at 1200 Hz or so.

b) wiped the tears that ran pink noise, and shook crossover mid bass to close the gap in around 70..100 Hz. Above it was peak by as much as 10 dB (120-150).

b) on the pink noise is played EQ. Drew something acceptable. However, enough roughly because the scale of the graph echometer very "generous" and subtle deviations on it is not visible. For slim fit turn read more...

g) launched a one-third octave noises from disk "Audiomagazine 1" - and sketched the absolute SPL levels on the strips. Now accurate to decibels can see all the flaws. Corrected everything.

d) again, pink noise, and also experienced ears Vadim.

Of course, to circumvent octave EQ peaks and failures in the most terrible octave (500-1000) is impossible, but the overall frequency response got it straight from 150 to the very top. Subjectively - at first it seemed crazy at the time, too much treble, too sharp average, a little bass (6dB, it turns out, little!).

8. 17.10.99 Finally put stand for the tweeters. Tired on plasticine ride. Made on the basis of oldest known rag technology AE,

9. In November 1999. Made the top torpedoes - cut shape the thick slices of carpet. No glue holds its own weight. So the edges were smooth, without mahr, singed them lighter.

Result (Autopore)

Scene and focusing right seat is close to the norm, but not deep.

From the driver seat - worse, the scene is drawn to the left, the placement of the instruments, sometimes, not a "how to". Something to do with visor, interferes with Gad.

But the main claim - to the tonal balance of the MF-HF and to reproduce the voice. The gap strips MF-HF persists, and 2-4 kHz rushing mush, male voice (tenor) torn overtones. It should be eliminated first . With the mid bass too - 5" can't give proper Cox. So we'll work on the bugs ...

On this forgiven,

Klaus, always in the process ...


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