The system is relatively simple: five speakers, per-channel amplification, all components of good stables, though not high-end.

Quality automotive sound system. Part 1

POWER supply - battery-Optima Yellow (short circuit current up to 750 Amps), right on her mounted double before (thick wire AWG2 to the amplifier and processors, a thin AWG8 - source). Earth, AWG2, stretched from too Battery (bypassing the weight of the body). The capacitor PG 1/2F - if amplifier (hiding behind a false panel).


СDP Alpine 7842 (in the usual place) + 6-disc shop Alpine CHA614 (back on Board vertically)


Equalizer AudioControl EQL (on the front wall Saba, available from the driver's seat if you throw the right seat)+ crossover Audiocontrol 24XS (rear the wall Saba under the mask intensifying agriculture). So the equalizer is recessed flush with mask of the subwoofer. Nifiga not him scary, not falling apart. Mezhblochnye - PG Tool and Kitchen Productions.

The 24XS crossover hidden behind under the false panels, so here it is looked in the process. Figure panel cutouts on the left and right then were covered with the "exaggerated" fiberglass enclosures in the shape of the profile of the amplifier so that only he and one (supposed to be) visible from the outside. But I missed planting depth (carpet thick caught), so posting too translucent.


6-kanalni PPI Powerclass 6600, 2 channels tweeters, 2 midrange, 2 the bridge on the sub. Standing on his hind the wall of Saba. Amputation the back of the couch just taken 30 cm the depth of the cabin, with the trunk lengthened twice! Very good the amplifier, especially if you know it weaknesses (Yes, there are glitches - but plays nice). The photo shows soundproofing doors (padding is removed). In the upper right corner of the box - secondary distributor 4 fuse also available with a driver's the seats. If You think that the bottom edge of the drawer of the curve - so exactly. Hard false panel at the bottom ends in about 7 cm from the floor, the lower flexible wall of the two the thick layers of carpet under it space 7 inches the depth. There I keep all marching small things, cylinder with paint is perfect.


Focal 136NX (in 5N3201 bukanlah + TN46 on the racks), included independent amplification, and immediately behind the front seats - sub Focal 33S in a closed box. Kickpanel closed, carbon fiber, from the inside slitted lead shot, outside the carpet. By the way, green grille in body color (and covers the seats too) - this is my custom tune (and he on the source and on Saba).

on the pictures hardly see the shape of a box in kikeh, in they are not very forward - exactly so, that fits deep enough poklonski the magnet.


You've seen it - Focal 33S. The box went from side to side, he is also superpotion for amplifier, capacity, CPU and all 's stuff. Despite brand recommendations - closed drawer 30-50 liters - I gave him 60, no less. EA approximately Q=0.75, for connoisseurs, and F3 about 35-40 Hz. It is too small? maybe so, really in the car sub punches frequency 30-60 Hz, above - recession (due to the frequency response of the salon), below - hole (the the salon siphon out). The sound spring, sharp. With the EQ - brought a smooth shelf, +6 dB about CQ on 20...60 Hz, 2 octave a smooth decay to zero. So as a direct wave from Saba has not directly in the seat, vibration on the body are not transmitted, the sound of yours fires right in the front glass and somewhere ahead ibid. localized. However, superpromoter all the same in the elbow ash...

This toy came out and... the trunk was twice as much!

And I wish You the same


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