The Englishman D. Gough was made of the original sound system. Box speaker system can be made of boards or plywood 1/2 inch (Fig. 1).

Mysterious sound system

Top lid can be fixed in the most advantageous from the point of view of sound position. The sound is emitted, reflected from the lid of a box that is installed at a certain angle through the Windows in the side walls of the box. In the acoustic system installed one speaker DiffuseMaterial a diameter of 8 inches (203 mm).

The range of frequencies reproduced by the loudspeaker, 40-16, 000 Hz. The article States that the acoustic system as it expanded the range of reproduced frequency, and the resonance was absent throughout the entire audio range. One music lover discovered a barely perceptible response in the lower register, which was eliminated by the introduction into the drawer of the absorber size 24X24 inches, is made of glass wool with a thickness of 1 inch.

In this system, you can use the speaker DiffuseMaterial diameter larger than 8 inches, but in this case it is necessary to increase the depth of the drawer.

Author: D. Gof; Publication: N. Bolshakov,

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