Brief features:

Speakers - 6-ГLW-1-16 and DN-80-8
Passport power 30W
Nominal 10W
frequency 50-20000hz
Sensitivity 85 dB.
size 374*214*195mm
weight 5.5 kg.

Revision of columns Radiotechnikа S-30b

Characteristics, it is necessary to tell Or not... it I am from a height S-90 think so? Especially remember as brought them (it's not S-90, column together and forward!) and zafanoval. To my ears the sound is then had that right! So thoughts, type - S-30 ha..but be rejected immediately! There are no bad columns, and there are fat ears :).

Therefore, all owners of S-30 dedicated. If you already got bored of their sound, but Finance is not have to buy more, read below above:

So, in the presence S-30 2 pieces, soldering iron, straight arms, improvised material: wool felt (batting, linoleum), wire copper (at least from the harness, recommended solid, under section 2.5 mm2), clay, rubber, schema, columns, and free time the desire to Refine unlimited.

Remove the front panel (8 bolts) and both speakers (in the 30's they are, horror of horrors, not even soldered to the wires, and the connectors!...) Remove the rear cover (label) a filter.

Start finalizing:

1) Sealing the housing (we coat all seams clay or sealant), during this time warming up the soldering iron.
2) make filter : Switchable display unit overload (if the amplifier is not more powerful than 25-30 watts - otherwise, then listen with caution) - scheme we cut the track from the entrance (red wire +) VD CAB (see diagram) and fed to the capacitor C2 10 UF and the transistor VT2 Kt315b.
Cut off the connector plug HRI solder wire going to the speakers (old throwing! Put on their place audio wire cross section of at least 2.5 mm2, an extreme case of copper from wiring) directly to the Board from the back side of the connector.From basovich (LF) "+" to No. 2 connectors and "-" to No. 3. The Squeaker (HF), respectively " + " # 5 and "-" to No. 2 (as needed - it is in antiphase).
The filter is finished.
3) Case. The dampening - obbivat batting, felt, an old blanket, fiberglass, linoleum on felted wool (absorbent to pick up on liking among the material at hand), preferably in multiple layers and alternating. This is the most dreary, because of the little volume. The main thing is not to strangle the volume!
4) Put in place the rear cover with filter (on clay/sealant).
5) Fasten the Squeaker (pre-solder (soldering! In no slice not the connectors) wire polarity and taking into account the antiphase!) through the rubber gasket and sealing clay.
6) Sew the bag of cotton wool (although you can use and what was the -- sort of synthetic mesh) Hammering it with cotton wool I wish there was. approximately 1/3 of the volume of the body, fluff not forget) and put this at the top a portion, preferably to one of the walls to dissymmetry.
7) Solder besovic (again keep the polarity!) and put into the body through the rubber the gasket. Fasten with screws (head the screws also pass through rubber gaskets and sealing around the perimeter plasticine.
8) Remove the protective reshetki from the front panel with tweeters and, if desired, with basovich.
9) Put in place the faceplate (preferably to put her on the foam, so as not resonated).
With completion column all!
Now finish the second column and enjoy sound. Already the first minute of listening will show a clear improvement of the sound. Almost disappears characteristic 30th bubnezh on the bottoms. In order to improve high. The sound will become more "soft". To appear in the middle and will soften the bass. Come on - you'll listen. The sound hard to describe :).

Attention!You need to pay attention when assembling to the bass-reflex was nothing closed and had direct access to the speaker cone woofers! As a special focus on the implementation of the phasing!

If, despite revision, will soon want more, then continuing budget Turing:
A) Put to the speakers copper wire (at least the same the wiring). Watch the polarity!
B) Vitaceae spikes (soon it'll be about them article) and put the speakers on them (at very budget zarabatyvanie drill the bottom of the body and put on 3 bolt M10, pointed bottom)
In) Modify amplifier
G) Put the normal interconnect cable from sound to the amplifier.
D) Thecranium sound card (If column play as the computer).

PS As always, is not without drawbacks. After the above obviously have to buy another one HDD music... MP3 to 128 LWps will be it is impossible to listen - only 256-320 (but this is a whole other story...).

Author: Sergey Zhiltsoff aka Serzhi, This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it. ; Publication:

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