Continuing the theme of low-power amplifiers in integrated circuits. This time, consider the amplifier on the chip MAX9751. What is remarkable about this chip? Well, first of all - low voltage - 5 volts, single, quite noticeable when the output power of 2.6 watts per channel. Furthermore, there's a headphone output with a dedicated amplifier and an input selector inputs can be connected to two different sources.The power supply voltage, 4.5 to 5.5
Supply current (no signal), mA 14
Output power(max) W: 2,6
Harmonic distortion(R=1, R load=4 Ohms), % 0,02
The signal-to-noise 90 dB
Operating frequency range, Hz 22-22000

The switching circuit is this:

Two-channel power amplifier
Some more words about the chip. This bridgeable amplifier class AB, built inside temperature protection, short circuit protection output, noise rejection type "boom-boom" when turning on and off of the amplifier. And given the fact that the chip can operate at temperatures from -40 to +85 degrees friend Celsius, this piece of metal can with great success to apply in various Potashnik and road colonosco to interfere sleeping neighbors in the compartment on the train. Funny list of items:

The symbol in the diagram is the Value

C1 1uf

C2 - 1uf

C3 1uf

C4 1uf

C5 1uf

C6 1uf

C7 - 1uf

C8 - 1uf

C9 - 0,1

S1 - Any latching

XS1 - headphone Jack - it depends on the headphones

DA1 - MAX9751

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