Front speakers & subwoofers I have roamed hard and long, until in the end there was this combination of location, orientation, crossover frequency, phase and frequency alignment, in which sound stage sat at the right place. It is here that it is time to think about aesthetic aspects.

The original situation was as follows: Pokarowska tweeters mounted on plastic facings front pillars, and cut veneers the holes are comparable to the diameter of the housings RF heads (without front flange), and the heads are fixed on a flexible steel strips, with the that orientation can be changed. After numerous, but thanks this design, low-overhead sampling, the required position has been found. Now it was necessary to perpetuate. Car speaker system high frequency Live reproaches was enough. Well, at least this example, installation prize-winning Ford Escort with the British finals.

The first case from the cardboard tube of a suitable diameter were cut rings, worn with a gap on the tweeters, and gradually adjusted to snugly, though not around the perimeter, facing, and the other end is to become flush with the front of the tweeters. Where to get the pipe? In my case she served (once) a container for shipment on geographical maps mail. Another source, I suspect, with a large selection of diameters, can be retailers that sell carpeting, linoleum, film, etc. The concept clear? I have, incidentally, the same pipe and in the tunnels of inverters used. Only one card is active tectonic structures in Northern Africa - and how much benefit to mankind!

After fitting the resulting tubes were stuck (nothing more) "Point" to the facings, and the tweeters are removed and put aside - from sin. Now the bearer of invaluable information about cherished axes orientation HF heads steel tubes attached to the facings. Finally fixing is achieved by using automotive putty with fiberglass (available in stores).

Now the most fun - giving grace of forms. Once you have tried textile option, I loved it for technological elegance and in this case even didn't reflect. The advantage of this technology over the other, based on machining is that geometrically wealthy, smooth the contours are obtained by themselves, and very quickly. In this work I used two bits of radiodine (speaker cloth), left over from some previous projects. In General, you can apply any stretchable fabric, the thicker - the better it will work. The fabric was secured on the back side contact glue (sold in autoaudio stores and so and so will need when you finish). Making sure the fabric is pulled tight and took the same shape on both blanks, knead the resin and impregnate. The resin for the job better to take the brand of polyester (shops, eg. AGA - there is one on the 2nd Frunzenskaya, there is somewhere else). It is less viscous than honey heart, epoxy, and better impregnate, but if is not much to miss with the proportion of the addition of the hardener and "stands up" faster per hour some. To impregnate have everything except the middle of next hole under the Squeaker is there anyway to cut, impregnated fabric easier .

After curing of the resin strength is quite sufficient for any reasonable treatment as a consequence of a relatively thick fabric. One talented resident solar Juhani described his experience of the technology, so he went out and bought a ladies ' tights. In his case, then he had still nakladyvat fiberglass - in pantyhose kakya power - visibility one...

Before final finishing I walked across the surface ordinary two-component putty, mainly needed to smooth the transition from the fabric to the lining (shown by arrows) to the resulting step was not much noticeable. If it was supposed then the finished panels to paint - would famously to Tinker with breeding surface, but since I pre-oriented with a vinyl finish, you could take the sandpaper piss off and stop in a few minutes. Simultaneously with the grinding of the front surface should be removed (to cut down/cut off) the edge of the fabric, curved on the back, and cut the area inside the nozzles. Vinyl, which I charge on the pages of foreign sources, when crossing the border of the Russian Federation is merely the leather was once an ugly novoazovske the word vinyl artificial leather. Here it is.) Finish vinyl (I'm so will call - for solidity) is short but requires known inspiration. From hardware needed: contact adhesive, as already mentioned, and heat gun, at least - hair dryer. Apply the adhesive, stretch vinyl, where it is necessary to stretch the gray air, smooth, smooth out, cut surpluses and get shown on photo.

After folding the edges of the vinyl to the inside of the holes of the dynamics of their diameter, naturally, decreases and it is very desirable not to miss, because to remove these curved petals is impossible - everything will peel with facial surface. Remeasure the thickness of the vinyl caliper when choosing the workpiece for pipes: the pipe must be wider than two or manually. If everything is in order - insert tweeters, attach wire back and put the veneer in place. I pay attention to Ponta colored lenses Squeaker in a color called "Antique blue", but not necessarily. Look at the result:

For the recordings - the whole thing took two rainy autumn evening.

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