A small power amplifier, but with very good quality of sound. It combines a completed very good quality (NE5534), that has the possibility of control of low loads, high speed, low distortion and two transistors of technology v-mosfet in the exit. It can be replaced IC1, with some other equivalent and we increase the supply in the stage of expense, always being careful is maintained the supply voltage of IC1, in the levels of his specifications, achieving increase of output power. For stereo operation will be supposed are made two units.

Circuit diagramHow to build FET 12W Audio Power Amplifier - circuit diagramSpecifications
  • Output Power - 12W in 8Ω (max)
  • Input sensivity - 3.2V rms (max)
  • T.H.D - 0.002% (1KHZ)
  • Frequency Response - DC - 100 KHZ (-3dB)
Part List
  • R1= 33Kohm
  • R2= 6.8Kohm
  • R3= 22Kohm
  • R4= 100Kohm
  • R5-7= 1Kohm
  • R6= 330ohm
  • R8-11= 10Kohm
  • R9-10= 0.47ohm 2W
  • C1= 1nF 63V
  • C2-5= 47uF 40V
  • C3-4= 100nF 63V
  • C6= 4.7pF ceramic
  • C7-8= 100uF 40V
  • D1-2= 18V 0.5W zener
  • D3-4= 1N4148
  • IC1= NE5534
  • Q1= 2SK135
  • Q2= 2SJ50

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