The following circuit is a 5W stereo audio amplifier, built based on single amplifier IC TA7227. The TA7227 can be used for dual mode (stereo amp) and single mode (bridge connection/mono amp). This IC type featured some circuit protection: thermal protection, over voltage protection, current limitter and BTL DC short connection.

2 x 5W Stereo Audio Amplifier based TA7227 + Tone Control

The tone control circuit is designed along with the amplifier circuit. If you build the complete circuit design, you will able to adjust the bass level, trebel level, volume level and the balance of right and left channel. If you want to build only the amplifier circuit, then you just need to remove the components before C108 and C208.

The circuit above is not completely drawn, there no the PIN numbers of IC. You must check the IC’s PIN number connection by comparing to the TA7227 datasheet.

Recommended operating supply voltage is about 12VDC with current supply is 1A minimum for maximum performance.

Download the TA7227 datasheet for circuit reference from following link:
TA7227 Datasheet 601.10 KBDownload Datasheet

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