This motion filter effect circuit will controls the initial frequency and controls how much the envelope follower responds to the input signal.

An envelope follower/filter combination translates the typical dynamic properties of your axe into modulated timbral changes too, you could feel of it as an automatic wah-wah pedal.

Independent Initial Frequency and Sensitivity knobs provide you with the control you have to notice a wide range of effects and enable the Motion Filter to be put to use with either electric bass or guitar. You will not believe that so much funk and soul can be squeezed into a tiny box.

Motion Filter Effect

IC1 – 4136 Quad Op-amp
IC2 – 4066 Quad Switch
D1, D2 – 1N4148 or 1N914

Circuit Notes:
Connect pads marked “A” together. Offset can be a trimmer potensiometer which could be adjusted after around a quarter-hour of “burn in” time. Fine-tune it until you hear no popping when pushing the Cancel switch S1. There is certainly no need to play into effect during adjustment. Proper setting ought to be close to the center of the rotation.

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