Here the 50W AF power amplifier circuit powered with single IC STK4036II. This circuit will deliver 50W single channel output.

50W AF Power Amplifier with STK4036II

The amplifier circuit uses symmetrical (dual polarity) power suppy. Recommended power supply voltage is +/- 35VDC. Use heatsink to prevent overheating on the IC and maximize the STK4036II performance.

Power Amplifier STK4036II features:

  • Compact package for thin-type audio sets
  • Member of pin-compatible series with outputs of 20 to 200W
  • Easy heatsink design to disperse heat generated in thintype stereo sets
  • Constant-current circuit to reduce supply switch-on and switch-off shock noise
  • External supply switch-on and switch-off shock noise muting, load short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown and other circuits can be tailor-designed.

Download STK4036II Datasheet Document:
STK4036II Datasheet 69.60 KBDownload Datasheet

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