2 x 18W Hi-Fi Stereo Power Amplifier based around two TDA2030 ICs. It has good input sensitivity, low distortion, good operating stability and full protection against overloads and output short-circuits. It can be used as a booster amplifier for existing small systems or to drive a second pair of speakers besides the ones already connected to the system. The board needs a symmetrical power supply of ±18Vdc/3A and can be connected to loads of 8 or 4 Ohm. Large heat sink is required for this circuit. Diagram shown below indicates only left channel. Make two circuits for for stereo version.

Picture of the project:
18W + 18W Stereo Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier (TDA2030)
18+18 Watt Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram:

Diagram Shows Only One Channel


R1 = 22K
R2 = 680R
R3 = 22K
R4 = 1R-1w
D1 = 1N4001
D2 = 1N4001
C1 = 1uf-25V
C2 = 22uF-25V
C3 = 100nF-63V
C4 = 100nF-63V
C5 = 100uF-25V
C6 = 100uF-25V
C7 = 220nF-63V
IC = TDA2030

If it does not work:
  • Check your work for possible dry joints, bridges across adjacent tracks or soldering flux residues that usually cause problems.
  • Check again all the external connections to and from the circuit to see if there is a mistake there.
  • See that there are no components missing or inserted in the wrong places.
  • Make sure that all the polarized components have been soldered the right way round.
  • Make sure the supply has the correct voltage and is connected the right way round to your circuit.
  • Check your project for faulty or damaged components.

  • Technical Specifications:
    • Supply voltage = ±18Vdc/3A symmetrical (see text)
    • Current consumption = 3A maximum
    • Input impedance = 500K Ohms
    • Input sensitivity = 250 mV
    • Signal to noise ratio = 80 dB
    • Frequency response = 20 - 20,000 Hz ± 1 dB
    • Distortion = 0.5 % maximum
    • Load impedance = 4 - 8 ohm

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