To monitor the electrolyte level in battery banks, you can use a simple device, the device which is shown schematically in the figure. It consists of two rods (narrow strips of stainless steel) of different lengths are rigidly secured to the base of organic glass with a thickness of 5...8 mm, which is connected to the incandescent lamp HL1 and HL2. the voltage corresponding to the voltage check the battery.

Depending on the type of battery short length of the rod can be 13...14, long - 20...22 mm To a connection point of the lamps are soldered to a flexible insulated wire length 350...400 mm with a pointed wire probe on the free end.

The indicator of the level of the electrolyte in the battery

Removing the cork into the jar through the filling hole is injected studs indicator to the base and a flexible probe touch one of the poles of the battery. If none of the lamps were not lit, it means that the electrolyte level check the Bank below acceptable. The illumination of only one lamp HL2 will indicate that the electrolyte level in the Bank below normal, both bulbs - normal level.

The brightness of the lamp depends on the number of batteries battery included in the food chain.

Author: I. Ilovaisky, Moscow; Publication: N. Bolshakov,

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