Acid batteries do not like long stay without work". Deep discharge is detrimental for them. If a car is parked in long term Parking, there is a problem: what to do with the battery. His or give someone a job, or sell, which is equally awkward.

I offer a fairly simple device which can serve both for charging and for their long-term storage in working condition.

Charger for car batteries

Since the secondary winding of the transformer T1, the current in which is restricted by the inclusion of a series with the primary winding of the ballast capacitor (C1 or C1+C2), current flows to the diode-thyristor bridge, the load of which is the battery (GB1). As the regulating element applied automotive voltage regulator generator (RNG) at 14 In any type intended for generators with a grounded brush. I tested the regulator type 121.3702 and integral-JA112A. When using "integrally" conclusions "B" and "C" together with "+" GB1. Withdrawal "W" is connected with the chain of control electrodes of the thyristors. Thus, the battery is supported voltage 14V when charging current is determined by the capacitance of the capacitor C2, which is tentatively calculated by the formula:

However, where is the charging current (A), U2 is the voltage of the secondary winding is at"normal"transformer (In), U1 voltage.

Transformer - any, power 150...250 VA, the voltage at the secondary winding 20...36 V. the Diodes of the bridge - any rated current not less than 10 A. Thyristors - CO C, D, etc.

S1 is used to switch of the charging and storage. The charging current is chosen equal to 0.1 of the numerical value of the battery capacity, and the current storage - 1 1.5 A....

If possible, periodically, about once every two weeks, it is desirable to produce a battery discharge current s with temperature control of the electrolyte.

Configure the device requires virtually no. You may have to specify the capacity of the condenser by controlling the current with the ammeter. Thus it is necessary to short the conclusions of 15 and 67 (B and W).

Author: K. Selyugin, Novorossiysk; Publication: N. Bolshakov,

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