Wiring diagram car VAZ-2121
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Graphic symbols on the diagram

1. Side turn signals
2. Front lights
3. Lights
4. Motors headlight cleaners
5. Sound signals
6. Relay cleaners and headlight washer
7. Relay for low beam headlights
8. Relay high beam headlamps
9. The motor headlight washer
10. The sensor is insufficient brake fluid level
11. Receptacle portable lamp
12. The sensor control lamp of pressure of oil
13. The gauge of pressure of oil
14. The gauge of temperature of a cooling liquid
15. The ignition distributor
16. Spark plugs
17. Wiper motors
18. Ignition coil
19. Generator
20. Shutoff valve carburetor
21. Starter
22. The motor windscreen washer
23. Voltage regulator
24. Control lamp relay battery
25. Battery
26. Relay wiper
27. Additional fuse block
28. The main fuse block
29. Switch warning lamp Parking brake
30. The switch of a control lamp differential lock
31. The reversing light switch
32. The switch of a control lamp choke carburetor
33. The brake light switch
34. The blower motor
35. Relay-breaker indicator and alarm
36. An additional resistor blower motor
37. The light switch devices
38. The switch for the headlights
39. The turn signal lever
40. Switch audio signals
41. Wiper switch
42. Switch windscreen washer
43. Ignition switch
44. Switch outdoor lighting
45. Switch heater
46. Switch cleaner and headlight washers
47. Cigarette lighter
48. Warning switch
49. Switches diffusers located in the racks doors
50. The indicator of oil pressure with warning light is insufficient pressure
51. The fuel gauge with indicator lamp reserve fuel
52. Tachometer
53. The warning light Parking brake
54. The warning light battery charge
55. Warning lamp choke carburetor
56. Speedometer
57. The control lamp outdoor lighting
58. Warning lamp for direction indicators
59. Warning light warning light
60. Relay-circuit breaker warning lamp Parking brake
61. Control lamp of level of a brake liquid
62. The indicator light differential lock
63. The index of temperature of a cooling liquid
64. Lampshades
65. The sensor level indicator and reserve fuel
66. Rear lights
67. Lights licence plate light

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