With the onset of cold weather, many car owners face the problem of cold start. In this article I want to share the experience of starting the engines, which yesterday was fine start, but not today serves hopes. We will talk about cars with no obvious signs of malfunction of the ignition system and fuel injection. If you encounter problems starting the engine in cold weather, we should first define the main factor is the composition of the fuel mixture. It is enough to remove with the engine one of the spark plugs and perform a visual inspection. If the candle deposits of black (or very dark) color, the fuel mixture is rich enough, it means that the car is not all right with the ignition system. Most often in such cases it is enough to replace the spark plugs and start the engine back to normal. If dark soot on the removed spark is missing, it is about a poor fuel mixture.

In this case, the culprit of the problem is often the coolant temperature sensor. It should be noted that this is often the sensors previously peregrevaetsya engines. If the engine has been subjected to overheating, I highly recommend you to check the sensor and replace it, if necessary, with serviceable. Otherwise, you will constantly have problems with starting the engine in cold weather. When depleted fuel mixture, some car owners are trying to run the motor using different additives to increase octane number of the fuel. Sometimes they succeed. Another method that is often used in this situation, it's an infusion of essential compounds for starting gasoline engines. This method can be considered quite expensive, and most importantly very problematic.

In the cold to do the depressurization of the intake tract, and then it all be performed in the reverse sequence is pleasant enough. In addition, this operation does not guarantee you a successful startup in the absence of proper experience. In my opinion, the easiest way to start a cold engine is to simulate lower its temperature using a conventional variable resistor (potentiometer) in denominations of 5.6 - 8.2 kOhm. To do this (with ignition off), disconnect the connector staffing PRT O. J. and connect a potentiometer instead of the sensor.

The level of resistance, you must first install about 4 ohms and try to start the engine. If the engine does not start, the resistance to increase.

After you start the engine it revs H. H. often significantly overstated. In this case, you must use the potentiometer to bring them to the desired value. Similarly, and as the engine warms up. After warming up better off ignition and connect staff thermode J. O. Another cause lean fuel mixture may be insufficient pressure in the fuel system. Here are a two main reasons. It's either "dying" fuel pump or pressure regulator fuel. If the fault in the fuel pump, start the motor may become impossible.

Sometimes the fuel pressure in the system can be raised to the optimum if to drown out the drain hose. It is enough just to recompress it. It should be noted that pinching the hose very carefully, because when it is cold he might just burst. After starting the engine to continue pinching the hose is not more than 8-10 seconds. Otherwise, it is likely that there will be splashed with the spark plugs too rich fuel mixture. If the engine stalls, you should retry the operation without increasing time perimene hose fuel return to the tank. Better in this case, let the engine warm up at the start-up mode until, when he will cease to stay if you resumed fuel drain.

The most banal reason for the problems of cold start of the engine, it may become a regular depressurization of the intake tract. Most often it is about jumped out (sometimes broken) the tube that connects the pressure regulator in the fuel system with the intake manifold. Carefully inspect all connections of the tubes (hoses, etc.) that go from the intake tract to other systems or elements (brake system, the adsorber, the ventilation of the crankcase, etc.) and in the presence of intact elements of the injection system, problems with cold start on your car will not.

In conclusion I want to note that some car owners in the problems of cold start blaming lambda probe (sensor oxygen content in the exhaust gases).This is a mistake. O2 in the cold start of the engine is not taken into account, he comes into operation only after warming up to operating temperature.

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