After reading the description of the electronic off the "masses" car, decided to use it as a simple protective agent. However, when replacing the toggle switch on the button or the switch occurs very undesirable moment when the voltage produced by the generator will be equal to the battery voltage, the transistor is closed. And in the future onboard network of the car will be having only one generator.

And as for fuel economy engine dimmed to the minimum idling speed, and the voltage produced by the generator in this mode, will be reduced. Therefore, in the moment the car starts (and when the "weak" generator - and when you turn light) the engine to stall.

But the main danger arises when emergency braking, as when the engine is stopped, the on-Board system de-energized and the brake lights do not burn!

These shortcomings are easily eliminated by the application of little overall reed relays RES 55. And indeed principially electrical diagram the device is thus greatly simplified. "Mass" is included here magnet up to her body relays, and switches off automatically, but only when "de-energization" of the engine with the ignition key.

Anti-theft device in 5 minutes
Schematic diagram of the electrical disconnect switch is simple and quite reliable anti-theft tool for cars

However, when using the device as an anti-theft tools it is desirable to replace the semiconductor diode in the old scheme on more powerful. For example, D-50, as stealthy install the device in a motor the compartment will impair cooling. Thus it is necessary to pay special attention to the internal resistance of the diode in the open state voltage Drop at this element of the scheme should not exceed 0.5-0.6 V to the charging process the battery is not broken And still. To turn off the "masses" in short the circuit it is advisable to install a suitable toggle switch follower but with the transistor in any convenient location of the cabin.

Author: V. Humps

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