One of the most common natural disasters motorists (as, however, professional drivers) are the actions of thieves-"Snatchers". Their the free entrance to the interior of the car contributes to automatic unlocking all doors of the vehicle when removing it from the protection mode. The need manual locking unnecessary doors (except the right of the driver's door) - the procedure extremely uncomfortable and annoying, even the most seasoned and binding of the driver. This is what is used by the "Snatchers".

Meanwhile, the lack of anti-theft devices eliminates the primitive alteration of the wiring of the door. I did this on my "top ten" with anti-theft security device "mongoose", but the same can also be remodel and another car. That is the trouble.

The rest Snatchers

The electric door lock is controlled via two wires. For locking the door on the drive voltage is of one polarity, for unlocking the other. If in the gap of one of the wires of the electric rear doors enable the diode VD1, he will miss only the voltage locking the door. When putting vehicle on guard all the doors lock and when disarming are only unlocked front (rear doors that include a diode, deny it will not).

Practically, this alteration is easy. Remove internal trim back doors that gap in one (any) of the wires of the electric drive include a diode, temporarily insulate the connection with electrical tape and without collecting plating, try the keychain alarm to lock and unlock car doors (doors with this is not to slam).

If any of the rear doors is unlocked and not locked (i.e. Vice versa), the diode overturn it (change it the polarity). Having the correct operation of both doors, the junction diodes with wires carefully isolate (better with a crimp couplings) and install the door panels.

Such alteration can be done on the front right door, but in this case it is advisable to install a toggle switch S1 (shown by a dotted line), resolves when the uselessness of the effect of this alteration. During the revision I used diodes CD.

In two years of operation of failures in a converted the drives door locks were not.

Author: V. Zakharenko, UA4HRV, Samara

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